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Why Tattoo Removal Works

Why and How does tattoo removal work

From the very beginning of time tattoo’s were meant to be permanent. They were tribal badges or even possibly membership into an exclusive tribe.But people get their tattoo’s removed for a long list of reasons. Sometimes it is just to get better new art where an old tattoo resides.

Those days are over and we have computers along with technology and really great lasers.

Types of Lasers

There are many options as far as tattoo removal services go. The Aesthetics industry is a $445 billion dollar industry according to Forbes. There are also many choices as to what types of laser you use. Some are better than others. Some are safer than others.

nd:YAG Q switched lasers

These are the industry leaders.There are a few companies that make them and they do the best overall job at removing 95% of the ink put in its path. There will always be exceptions. And everyone will react differently to the treatments.

Getting tattooed

Probably before you even left the shop where you got your new badass tattoo, your immune system was at work. It does not like it when you put foreign objects into our bodies. So when you got your tattoo, your Immune System sent in your white blood cells to “REJECT”, or carry off and process the foreign object ,(ink) that you just paid a (hopefully) awesome artist to tattoo on your body. The reason your body cannot get rid of a tattoo is because the ink particles are tooo big for your immune system to eliminate. Resulting in your tattoo being permanent.

Why the laser works

The laser simply finds the ink and blasts it into small enough particles for your body to absorb.Tattoos are intended to be permanent.The inks are all bound with metals.This creates the beautiful colors.This makes ink permanent.

That being said, when the white blood cells try to process and carry off the new ink… can’t. After a week or two while your tattoo heals, the cells realize the ink is not going to be absorbed,so they give up, your tattoo heals, and now it’s permanent! ???

What happens under the skin?

The laser is 100% Ultra Violet light. We target only the tattooed skin.It goes thru the layers of skin and finds your tattoo’s ink. Then ink gets absorbed by the light and it shatters the ink into tiny bits.Your immune system sends in your white blood cells.And it finds all thes little shattered bits. Now your body will gobble it up till it’s all gone. It takes about 6-10 weeks for your body to absorb the shattered ink. You keep doing it every 6-10 weeks till the ink is gone.


The aftercare of laser tattoo removal is easy. Always stay out of the sun both before and after your treatments. Don’t go into very hot water. Keep the area clean and be nice to your immune system. The healthier you are, the faster the removal process.

And that is how laser tattoo removal works.

How does laser tattoo removal work? by Ellen at Skin City Laser

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