Tattoo Removal

Why People Want Tattoos Removed

The Tattoo Business in 2018 is booming

Why people want tattoos removed varies from person to person.The tattoo business is bourgeoning, with tattoos having become nothing short of a staple among college age adults. When I started doing tattoo removal in Las Vegas 5 years ago there were less than 100 shops. Now there are over 200. That is a 100% invrease in a 5 year time span. That is a crazy increase. There must be a demand or they wouldn’t keep opening shops. Las Vegas is saturated with a huge demand for tattoo shops.

Types of tattoos being removed

Thousands every year getting inked with designs that pay homage to their significant other. People honor their pets,kids,parents and loved ones. Or star sign, celebrity and family members. Tattoos have long been considered a way to make a
personal statement. For many, having one is simply a fashion accessory.

Until it’s not.

But despite the high number of people getting tattoos, the number of people wanting tattoo removal is
also on the rise. Whether you want to change your tattoo or erase it completely, laser removal is a viable
option to get the job done.

Tattoo Removal Process

Of course, although it might sounds easy and actually it is, there are plenty of factors to consider before
taking the plunge. You’ll probably have all sorts of burning questions to ask about the tattoo removal
process such as, ‘does laser tattoo removal hurt?’, ‘does laser tattoo removal really work?’ Our website
should serve to answer all of the commonly asked questions in detail and provide you with all of
information you need to decide whether or not tattoo removal is for you.

Is laser tattoo removal for me?

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There are many reasons people opt to remove tattoos.

The most prominent reason is simple regret – what seemed like a good idea at the time may no longer fit
into your current lifestyle. There are countless reasons why people want tattoos removed. Many people have regrets about the size, shape, colour, location or content of their tattoo, while others regret getting one altogether.

Las Vegas Casino “no visible tattoo” rules

Many casinos/restaurants employ a “no visible
tattoo” policy, and as a result, having one can be detrimental to your livelihood and make finding
employment or switching jobs difficult.

Skin City Laser

Here at Skin City Laser we debunk the myths and take a look at the common questions and concerns
surrounding tattoo laser removal.
The best way to reduce any risk from your removal process is by doing your due diligence before picking
a shop and technician, and having the procedure done by a trained, experienced specialist.

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