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Read on to learn about the experience, straight from a customer

What’s laser tattoo removal like?

This blog post was written by a client.

When people warn you about getting tattoos, this is what they’re talking about. 

Several years ago, I got a tattoo I immediately regretted — a dark bird on my left forearm. And when I say immediately, I mean it. While I was getting it, I was thinking, “This is going to be bad.” 

Lesson learned. 

I turned to my trusty friend Google to learn about how I could get it removed. All sorts of potions and lotions promised to make my ink magically disappear, but I was more than skeptical. There was only one surefire way to remove it: with a laser.

<h2>Tattoo Laser Removal in Las Vegas: The Options</h2>

The first call I made to a laser technician was late at night, so I obviously planned on leaving a voicemail. However, they answered while driving with other people and said — I kid you not — that they could stop by in their van and do my first session right then. I could already see the news headline: “Las Vegas woman abducted while getting cheap laser removal in white van.” Needless to say, I didn’t move forward. 

The second time, I went to an office in person and met with the owners — a husband and wife, I believe. They were very friendly. Too friendly. Entirely too friendly. They were trying too hard to sell me, and it was uncomfortable. It didn’t help that their services would set me back nearly $200 a treatment, which was well beyond my budget. 

I wanted the tattoo gone, but not that bad. So, I kept looking. 

In the beginning, my search proved largely fruitless. Every place I found was either too expensive or incredibly sketchy. This tattoo had to go, even if I had to cut it out myself, which I could do for free with some alcohol, a blade, and nerves of steel.



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