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What is the cost of tattoo removal?

What is the cost of tattoo removal?  Just as pricing a tattoo is a bespoke process, so is quoting the price for removal. The Cost of Tattoo
Removal will vary depnding on which State or City you reside in. There are states that require laser
technicians to be RN’s and MD’s. There are states that allow you to become licenced as a Medical Laser

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Some tattoo removal technicians charge by the inch, while others charge by session. Many clinics offer a
starting price of around $50 per session, but can range up to $200-$600 per session depending on the
size of the tattoo! Others can charge around $25 per inch as a starting rate. The removal process will be
different depending on the tattoo itself – some may require several shorter sessions, while others may
need fewer longer sessions. 8-10 treatments is the industry standard for complete removal.  Call for a
quote 781-929-8237.

What is the cost of tattoo removal?
Tattoo removal

Although results are different for everyone based on the type and depth of the ink. If the tattoo artist was
experienced and the tattoo is evenly inked the tattoo will be removed with even results. However this is
typically not the case.See

Things to remember

Another important thing to remember when it comes to considering how much tattoo removal costs is
that you’re unlikely to get any help doing so. Tattoo removal is not covered by the NHS, meaning you’ll
have to go through a private practitioner to have to have process done, which can be pricey. Many
insurance carriers will not cover the removal, as it is considered an elective cosmetic procedure. Speak
to your technician to see if there are any promotions for multiple sessions or payment plans available to
help alleviate the cost.
Removing a tattoo for any reason can be a big decision. Do your due diligence and research to discern
which form of removal is right for you.

What is the cost of tattoo removal? Call for a
quote 781-929-8237.

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