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The original tattoos were just really bad.After lightening 50% she got the fun cover up pieces.

Tattoo removal vs Cover Up

Cover up ink or tattoo removal?

This is a decision that needs to be made if you have lost the love for a tattoo. Deciding what to do. Should you get cover up ink or tattoo removal? While this has become somewhat of a trend lately, the thought of covering one’s skin in black ink does not appeal to most people. Even lighter tattoos require larger and darker designs for a successful cover up. And this may not be what you’re looking for.

Why should I get  tattoo removal

A few laser tattoo removal sessions will lighten your tattoo to  cause enough fading.Then you can get a better cover up tattoo. If you aren’t willing to put that kind of  money into your tattoo, then removal might be the best solution for you.

Skin City Laser Tattoo Removal vs  getting cover up ink

Choosing between  tattoo removal or cover up ink

It’s a decision that many people face when they’re victims of a poorly done tattoo. Or after their ink starts to fade both figuritively and literraly. Should you get a touchup or cover up? Or should you get rid of it altogether with  tattoo removal?

These are several factors to consider in order to make the best decision for you.

Cost of Removal or Cover up

Over time, tattoos can cost thousands of dollars in maintenance. The age of your tattoo, sunlight, and skin sensitivity are just a few factors.These all contribute to the fading and discoloration of your ink. A touch up is required every five to eight years, depending on how well done and it’s placement.

You might be terribly unhappy with your tattoo,but perhaps  only unhappy with one part of the design. Laser tattoo removal can be very accurate. It has the capability of removing the sections of your tat that bother you without removing the entire thing. This is ideal for misspelled words, poor artwork, exes, etc…Getting a few laser sessions will make reworking the design much easier on your tattoo artist. Happy artist = happy client

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