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I hate this tattoo! What are my tattoo removal options?

Today there are actually a few choices. Back in the day, they were few and far. But as tattooing has evolved, so has tattoo removal.

Here are your choices:

R-20 Method 

Simply put the R-20 is the same as 3 sessions done in one hour. Not three sessions in 5 months.(traditional method)

Although better than the traditional treatment, the R20 method has limitations. As long as the frosting is gone the dermal layer will absorb the fluence.

What is tattoo removal frosting?

When you laser a tattoo the dermal layer gets what is referred to as a frosting. A white appearance to the freshly lasered ink. It does not last. Although it gives the appearance that the tattoo has lightened. But it has not. Within about 15 minutes it will fade. 

As mentioned earlier, the frosting observed during tattoo removal is because of release of gas bubbles in stratum corneum (sub dermal layer). These are colorless, inert compounds with low surface tension and insoluble in blood and water. 

That being said,what all of that Science means is that after the skin has been lasered. Immediatly after, it will get this frosting. While the frosting is present, you cannot effectively laser the tattoo again.

Tattoo Removal Treatment Options   Tattoo Removal Treatment    Tattoo Removal Treatment Options

R-20 Results

While it will break up more ink faster, there is a catch. The body still needs time to process the ink. And if there is more ink than the body can process it will do what it can.

Traditional laser routine

If you want your tattoo gone and it is black ink, the average number of sessions range between 8 and 12.

You should schedule appointments every other month. This will take about 2 years. Be patient it is a marathon not a sprint. Patience will payoff.

Lighten for a Cover Up

The half way between the two is to lighten the tattoo. Then get a cover up once the ink has lightened enough. Typically this can be achieved in 4 or less treatments.

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