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Tattoo Removal vs Cover Up

Things to consider before getting a cover up tattoo

What does your tattoo look like now?

How much ink is in the tattoo? And what colors are there? The best thing you can do for your artist is to get a bit of tattoo removal. The less ink from the old tattoo, the better job your artist can do.. Getting a tattoo cover up means placing more ink on top of existing ink. This will result in going bigger in size and density, unless you get tattoo removal and lighten your tattoo.

Can we start all over?

Absolutely, if you want a complete tattoo removal it will take more sessions. But most artists can work with a partial tattoo to cover. Some even enjoy the challenge. By doing a partial tattoo removal before the cover-up, you can reduce the layers, cover up size, and ink density.

We are lightening this sleeve for a cover up piece.Two sessions in probably 2 more may be needed.




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Furthermore, tattoo cover-ups put restrictions on the artist. The design needs to be strategically placed and/or incorporate the existing design. You want a cover up to look like an intentional tattoo, not like a cover-up. Starting with a partial removal gives the artist more freedom to create a cover-up you love.

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