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If you are reading this blog you are already thinking about it. You know you want that tattoo gone or covered up.But you have never had tattoo removal explained to you. So I am going to take you thru the basics of what to expect. How to prepare.What to do and what not to do.

Information you need to know


When you contact a laser tattoo removal provider there are questions you want to ask. They should always offer a free consultation.This is when they should provide you with a per session price.. Ask if they offer pre-paid packages that offer a discounted price. 

Average Industry pricing: 

Tattoo removal can run anywhere from 50$ to $500 a treatment. The average per inch price is between 10$ for large tattoos and $40 for smaller ones. Certain states require you to be and MD to operate a laser. In these states the costis much higher.

Sessions needed: 

Ask your technician for an educated guess on the number of sessions potentially needed. This is NOT a guarantee that your tattoo will be gone in the exact number you are told. Laser techs are not seers into the future. But they should be able to come within 2 or 3 sessions give or take when quoting your costs.

Frequency of visits:

A tattoo typically takes about a year and a half to remove. 10 sessions is about average.The visits should be spread out at least 6 weeks apart. If they tell you to come more often..beware! When the laser breaks the ink up effectively with each session you should be going 2 months between visits. Anything more often could be counterproductive.

Type of laser matters:

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