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What are my choices after Tattoo regret?

Many people find that after getting a tattoo for all the wrong reasons can lead to tattoo regret. Bummer, but really common. There are so very many things that can contribute to regret. And most important, how to avoid tattoo regret.

Talk to your tattoo artist

When you are deciding on your tattoo artist. Or if you have an artist and are trying to nail down a design. Be honest, be clear and speak up before the tattooing begins.

This is your last chance to correct anything that you do not absolutely love about the design or placement of your tattoo. This is the last chance to avoid mistakes in its simplest form.

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Mistakes happen

As the above guy found out the hard way. Yes this a real person and a real mistake. Once the tattoo is finished and you find yourself with a bit of a problem the choices become fewer.

At this point you are either looking at Laser tattoo removal or getting a cover up tattoo.

Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal options are pretty widely available these days. Four years ago I had about a dozen competitors and as of 2019 there are about 30+ tattoo removal shops in Las Vegas. Other cities are growing in leaps and bounds as well. This is great for both the people who have tattoo regret. And also for the shop owners offering tattoo removal services.

Tattoo Cover Up

Tattoo cover up options are another way to go after tattoo regret sets in. If it is a small tattoo that is not very dense or dark. A cover up can be a great option. If your tattoo is large and DarthVader- like black.. mabey not so easy.

Tattoo Cover Up Options

Any experienced tattoo artist is usually going to be able to do a great cover up tattoo. They may have you get it lightened first. Good artists are not willing to put there signature on a bad piece of art.

This is where the laser tattoo removal comes into play.

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