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Tattoo Mistakes

I hate to say it but it happens…Tattoo mistakes happen every day

Sometimes a tattoo mistake is the artist actually making a mistake or error in spelling, content or placement. But when this happens we have options. More options than ever before.

Tattoo Mistakes happen because:

Sometimes we just fail to express out vision to our artist. Sometimes our artist fails to see our vision. There are so very many things that can and do go wrong. Tattoo artist as well as clients are human. We are flawed mistake making people.

Avoid Tattoo Mistakes by:

Some people spend months and sometimes even  years deciding on exactly the right tattoo. Some tell a story. Most are personal in nature, a lot can go into making sure your tattoo is exactly what you want…. YOUR vision. Do not expect your artist to “see” the same as you without providing them with pictures.Always have a picture of what you want.

Oops I need Laser tattoo removal

I only want part of my tattoo removed. Can I only remove remove part of a tattoo?

This is where you go back to paragraph 1. So if you are reading this, I have hope for you.

She absolutely loved the job the artist did on the left shoulder. The two blue Hibiscus and Butterfly are Lovely…And this is where things fall apart and laser tattoo removal is necessary.

Tattoo Removal Technician

Less is more! I need laser tattoo removal

After the flowers were done. She had the other shoulder inked with a similar tattoo with the thought of tying them together one day. They are both very well done. Unfortunately someone thought filigree would go well,and since she was on her stomach, she couldn’t see his “vision” playing out.

Can I fix my mistake at Skin City Laser?

Absolutely. Stay tuned. I will do one more laser tattoo removal session on the grey  filigree in 6 weeks and it should be gone by January. I will post her progress next session at Skin City Laser.

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