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Tattoo Cover Up

Why a tattoo cover up?

More than ever tattoo artists in Las Vegas are recommending laser tattoo removal to there clients.This they feel is necessary before starting a tattoo cover up project. Resulting in a better tattoo.

Why laser tattoo removal?

Lightening a tattoo before having a cover-up done can be very smart. Like when the tattoo cover-up design has more detail but less ink than the original tattoo. Without tattoo removal, the original tattoo underneath will always be visible. Always

I don’t hate my tattoo! Why laser tattoo removal?

For people who love tattoos and great art. They too can fall out of favor with and old tattoo. It’s meaning may no longer be of significance.And not all tattoos are awesome. 11% of people regret a tattoo.

I want you to love your tattoos!

What I would like to do is assist everyone that loves their ink, but wants some changes made. Laser tattoo lightening is the best way to let that cover up be the amazing tattoo you want it to be.

I want to dispel the idea that laser tattoo removal is just for getting rid of bad or unwanted tattoos. In reality, laser tattoo removal can be used to lighten up part of a tattoo prior to adding more detail or colors, to give just one example.

Why go thru laser tattoo removal?

Undergoing laser tattoo removal procedure before getting a  cover-up or touch-up can save you time and money and leave you with a better looking tattoo.

Will laser tattoo removal really help?

Sometimes clients are skeptical of why we might recommend laser tattoo removal. So I decided to share an example from Skin Factory Tattoo This is an example of the difference between having a cover-up with laser tattoo removal . These results could never have been achieved without the laser sessions. At Skin City Laser I did a few sessions to soften up the old tattoo.

This is beautifully done. The skill involved in using what the old tattoo had left to offer is brilliant. Resulting in a  blending of the two to make the cover up amazing. I love it!

Stay tuned for updates

You can read on to see how this will financially, physically, and psychologically effect you. And hopefully you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to make the decision that”s right for you.


Check back for the first of many in our Journey with

Gianni Russo Artist/Owner at Broken Dagger Tattoo

Keep following and I will take you from the early laser tattoo removal sessions at Skin City Laser. To a sneek peek at the final artist and work to be done many months from now.

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