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People wonder why sun spots and aging seem to go hand and hand. The reasons are simple. Sun and time. The more time we spend in the sun the closer we are to getting them.

Why do we get Sun Spots as we Age

There is a good reason why Age, Liver & Sun spots seem to come around. Usually sometime after we turn thirty-ish years old. Therefore if we are fair skinned and spent large chunks of our lives on the beach, we are done for. For others later in life, or not at all, if we have avoided the sun completely.

It really depends on how much time we spent in the sun growing up.  Those of you involved in outdoor sports are very likely to get them. The more time we spend outdoors, the  higher the odds. We are more likely to end up with some type of sun damage on our skin as a result. Typically it will show up on our face, hands and shoulders first.

Geography matters

Where did you grow up? If you happen to grow up somewhere in the North Western US you probably had very few months of (if any) beach weather. But when you are in the sun you are more likely to burn more easily. 

So if you grew up in Florida or Southern California you probably spent all of your summers at the beaches.Therefore you are very likely, if not guaranteed to have some form of long term sun damage from years of weeekends and vacationing on the beach.

Easily removed with laser treatment

The thing about sun spots is that no matter how unattractive . No matter how ill placed. No matter how dark or big. They are very easy to treat for most skin types. Mistakingly people assume they are permanent.Fortunatly that is not the case. At Skin City Laser we are having great sucess  removing sun and age spots from most skin types. 

How does it work

The brown spots are the skins way of protecting themselves. This occurs when the Melanocytes decide they have to protect the lower layers of skin. They create what amounts to an umberella. ie: your dark spot.This is the skins way of creating a protective barrier against the sun. Fortunatly it is only the very surface layer. 

Age/Sun Spot Removal before after
This is only one treatment

How does it work

The laser can target just the  damaged surface cells that have been affected. The laser will essentially give them a mild sunburn and they area will slough off . The process  is simple and mildly uncomfortable. 

Expected Results

The laser targets just the affected layers of skin. So this will seperate from the skins surface and slough off within a week or two. Leaving a lighter pigmented skin below to become the NEW skin color. 

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