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Sun & Age Spot Removal

Sun & Age spot removal is easy,affordable and will make you look younger in a matter of months. The myth that  Sun spots on my face are super expensive or impossible to remove is not true. Sun spots are very easy to remove and at w make it easy and affordable.

Why we get sun spots

I spent 20 years playing volleyball on the beach.I worshipped the sun. I used coconut oil with zero sunscreen. Everything that I did for fun usually included the beach.Fast foward lots of years and I found myself absolutely covered with sunspots. My face, hands, arms and legs.I never thought abut Sun Spot Removal because I had so many that I didn’t think it would be possible to improve the appearance of my face.

Then I started working with my RevLite nd:YAG q-switched laser removing tattoos at Skin City Laser.  Everything changed!


Sun Spot Removal Henderson

This is what I was woking with. I had so many I didn’t know where to start.The first picture is before I started Sun Spot Removal on the right side of my face.I started with about 4 or 5 spots. I did the first session and waited about 2 weeks for the top layer of (now) dead skin to slogh off.

Three weeks after the first session I had a second treatment and waited another month. Some needed 3 sessions, some only 2 and now they are almost all gone.The difference is fantastic.I feel better I ook better.What more could I ask?

Abit of help from LiftLab facial serums. I used their cell renewal serums after all of my laser sessions. This stuff is amazing.

I have found that a persons skin tone will determine how many session will be needed. The lighter more freckled clients will most likely need 3 treatments for 100% Sun Spot Removal.

After 1 session

Sun Spot Removal Henderson

If you are interested in LiftLab products you can find the information on line.

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I am going to continue with the other spots and will post the results. Visit me at  

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