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Should I get Tattoo Removal for my Cover Up?

Tattoo artists are known for tattooing their clients. You do not  want to tell someone that they need to get laser tattoo removal. They don’t want to hear that. It’s tricky. This can be an uncomfortable decision for some. As with everything, there are pros and cons. Some people just feel that it’s somehow ‘wrong’ to remove a tattoo. To maybe honor the spirit,idea or person behind it’s existence. Other people feel the money is a waste. Why can’t the artist just cover it up? Easier,faster and cheaper. Right?

Can’t I just put a bigger tattoo over it?

Absolutely you can do that. You can do anything. But the way tattoo cover ups work is very simple. If there is a lot of black or lots of color in your tattoo, you can only cover it with bigger and darker.This usually results in a muddy mess.

 Above is Gianni Russo, tattoo artist and owner at  Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor in Las Vegas.   He is lightening his entire chest piece so that he can get an amazing cover up. It just doesn’t tie in with the style and quality of art work he has on the rest of his chest. So unfortunately, It had to go! 


Why consider tattoo removal for cover ups?

Most people  do not want to get laser tattoo removal. And we get it. That being said, fading a tattoo with laser tattoo removal works. This will make it much easier to cover up. This is because laser tattoo removal even if only for 2 or 3 sessions, will work. It will lighten your tattoo enough for a great cover up. If you try to cover a dark tattoo,you limit your choices.

Will  this work for my tattoo?

Your tattoo artist and your laser technician will come up with a plan for your cover-up. Resulting in  a better final design for you. Your choices have now doubled for your new tattoo design. Skin City Laser specializes in cover up tattoo removal, check out https//   

 Anyone can get tattoo removal for a cover up

At Skin City Laser we specialize in tattoo removal for a better cover up. Therefore when you have a good artist they want to give their best. If you have darth vader and want him covered. Sorry, you are out of luck. Too big and too dark. You need to get rid of him if you want great art on that piece of real-estate.

Keep reading for Gianni’s progress and cover up  work with Bill Canales  at Full Circle Tattoo in San Diego.



Gianni Russo artist/owner Dagger Tattoo Parlor LV

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