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Henderson Tattoo Removal

Picking your laser tech

It’s finally time to settle on a price and start your removal process.


This depends entirely on the size of your tattoo and the policies of the shop you end up at. It varies from shop to shop. The industry average is anywhere from 25$ an inch to $60 and inch. Most places will lower the per inch price for large pieces. So while you will pay 25$ per inch for a 3 inch tattoo. Paying $75 per session. A 40 inch tattoo will be more like 15$ an inch. Making a session $600 instead of $1,000. That get’s pretty pricey for 10 treatments. When total removal is the goal. It gets very expensive.

What to expect

You have scheduled your first treatment. Now you need to do to prepare. Just be well rested and hydrated. Bring a positive attitude and your big boy/girl pants. It hurts

The science behind it

The minute the laser technician begings lasering your tattoo, many things occur. First your immune and lymphatic system send your white blood cells to the area being lasered. The job of your white blood cells is to purge the foreign objects being exploded. When the laser beam reaches the ink under the skin it explodes. Thus making the ink particles small. Now they are small enought to be absorbed. Your white blood cells gobble up the broken ink. You pee it out.

What it feels like

When the laser beam reaches the ink under your skin things happen fast. First thing is that the ink absorbs the refracted laser beam. This shatters the ink particles. It blows them up like a bomb being dropped on your tattoo. This is great it is what you want. Unfortunatly, It hurts like a mamma bear.

Why it hurts

AS mentioned above I said the ink shatters. When we talk about that we have to think about what that means. The ink is going to slam up against all of the nerves in the general area. This is fairly painful. Then on top of that we have to remember. Lasers are hot. They are UV beams of light. UV beams are all light. Light is all heat. So it burns a bit.

The removal process begins

What happens ater you leave your first appointment is pure magic. The science kicks in. Your bodies ability to heal and fix itself is amazing .

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