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Is Tattoo Removal Safe ?

Is tattoo removal safe ?

Are there any side effects or risks of tattoo removal scars?

Does laser tattoo removal really workAt Skin City Laser the risks are minimal. Our ND:yag Q-switched laser is among the safest on the market. Risks can be reduced by keeping the area dry and clean. There is also a risk for changes in pigment to the skin. This makes it appear a bit lighter or darker than the surrounding areas. Your laser removal technician should go over your Fitzpatrick chart (skin tone) before beginning the procedure. As there can be increased risks if you have certain auto immune diseases, acne, diabetes or other skin conditions.

The best way to reduce the risk of your removal is by doing your due diligence before picking a provider. Having the procedure done by a trained, experienced specialist is a must.

Does laser tattoo removal really work?

Laser tattoo removal is an effective way to remove tattoos, although some will react to the treatment better than others.

Black and Red inks respond best to lasers as they absorb all the wavelengths. Compared to others, some blues and green colors that absorb only selected light from the laser.  Factors such as how long you’ve had the tattoo can also make a difference in the healing process. The tattoo application can have an impact too. If the tattoo was applied correctly, an even amount of ink will be distributed in the same level of skin, making it easier to remove evenly. If not, the removal can appear blotchy and uneven,[picture 1]  taking the ink out the same way it went in. The FDA classifies tattoo inks as ‘color additives’, listing over 100 that are available for use. As a removal technician it is unlikely to be able to discern which of these inks were used, this can also have an impact on the level of removal.

Is tattoo removal safe?

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