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Examples of  great tattoo cover ups

Do you want a great tattoo cover up or a dark patch

If you have an amazing artist. And I hope you do. They will need to incorporate the existing design into your new one. That is not easy if you have a tattoo of Mickey Mouse and you want your Mom’s portrait. Now I know that this is an exaggeration. But you get my point. Sometimes tattoo removal is the only way for some tattoo cover ups.


Give your artist something to work with

You want a cover up to look like an intentional tattoo, not like a cover-up. Starting with a partial removal gives the artist more freedom to create a cover-up you love. Even if the thought of getting tattoo removal is something you thought you would never do. If you really love your artwork, you will give it the canvas it deserves.

Evaluate your existing tattoo

The next thing is to consider your existing tattoo. Have you had it forever? Is it old and tired looking? Or did you just get it and it just isn’t working for you? Brand new ex? Doesn’t matter really.

Picking a cover up that works

Good, reputable artists prefer working with people who have realistic expectations. They have been know to decline the work if the client won’t get existing tattoo lightened or if they don’t believe the expectations are realistic.Their reputation is everything in this industry.

Work with your Artist

If you can take your existing tattoos down a few shades you can really get a great tattoo cover up.

These were some very old super ugly, basement 2am kinda tattoos. We lightened them about 50 % and look at these amazing cover ups. Shoulder piece by Claudia  or

Lightened about 50%

great cover up work

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