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How to cover up tattoo’s

How to cover up tattoo’s is a great question.

There are alot of opinions on the question .  There are also a lot of personal factors that will play a part in the fina decison. How to cover up tattoo’s can be a complex question with many options.

1. Cost to put a tattoo over it

The cost to put a new tattoo over an existing one is the least expensive option.In the short term. I say this because it is not easy to cover a tattoo sucessfully without lightening it first. If the tattoo is really small then this is a great option for you. If you have a really large black tattoo. Like a tribal. And you want an underwater shark, well, it just won’t work.

Then you have the long term result. You probably didn’t get to pick ‘exactly” the tattoo you would have if you weren’t covering up old ink. Regret sinks in and in three years you are thinking about removing it again. Now you have the ink from two tattoo’s to remove. It will take longer to come off and cost more because of the amount of ink.

The moral to the story. Getting a tattoo simply because you hate the one you have is not a great reason. And it could lead to more out of pocket money down the line.

2. Cost to lighten before your cover up tattoo

The initial out of pocket cost for this option will be more. But I believe the outcome far outweighs the initial cost. And I say initial cost because you will love your tattoo of choice more than a fast cover up for unwanted ink. When you ask a reputable artist how to cover up a tattoo they will tell you to lighten it first.


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