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Can You remove big tattoos

Does tattoo removal hurt?

How much does tattoo removal hurt?

Does tattoo removal hurt? People are getting tattoos put on faster than ever.People are also seeking tattoo removal more than ever. But I have heard that tattoo removal hurts.

What does tattoo removal feel like?

First it feels hot:

Because tattoo’s are removed using a laser. And a laser is 100% UV light. Light is 100% heat. This is what causes the hot feeling. It is sometimes experienced during a laser session.

Then it feels electric:

The only thing the laser does is to find the ink. Once it does it is absorbed by refracted light and shattered. When I use the word shatter, think about a glass. The pieces go everywhere. So do your shattered ink particles. BUT they don’t really have any space around them. So they slam into your sub-dermal layer and your nerve endings really freak out. Only for a minute and it is all over.   https//



Now it feels like a sunburn:

You basically got a mild sunburn with your laser treatment.The after effect or feel is much like one. It will typically subside in 2 to 3 days. And then appear the same as before the session. https//

Is there a topical I can use?

Absolutely there are ways to make tattoo removal more tolerable. There are <lidocaine> creams on the market. offers a professional grade prescription strength numbing agent. They do not charge for this. This is a combination made especially by the compounding pharmacy for my clients.

Will it ever be pain free?

To tell you the truth, it doesn’t seem likely to happen soon. Lasers have come very far in the last 3 decades in efficacy. They have also improved the color range and speed of the Q-switch. Hopefully that is in the near future.

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