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Dark Spots on Dark Skin

Dark spots on Dark Skin don’t get the same attention as dark spots on the fair skinned.

Almost every person will get some form of sun damage if they lucky enough to live a long life.The sun will get us. Even though dark spots on dark skin are common, the skin care industry targets the fair skinned almost exclusively. It is the most noticeable in the fair skinned and gingers. It is also fairly easy to treat and the most redily available at reasonable prices.

Spots from the Sun

Over time the melanocytes under our skin want to protect us from long-term sun exposure. They do this by creating a dark outer layer of skin to protect the layers below.The technical term is hyperpimentation and it is a by product  of years of sun exposure.It happens in all skin tones just to different degrees. From the fairest to the darkest complexed sun spots can happen.

Even Dark Skin?

The answer is YES darker skin too. They will  dark spots. The problem is that removing them on darker skin can be very difficult. Sometimes it  will only get worse in appearance. The human body is very smart. The skin will do all kinds of crazy things to protect itself (from us).

Dark skin can be very tricky when it comes to the sun and laser treatments. Some people experience severe darkening of the skin from a laser treatment meant to lighten a moderatly dark spot. It can also become worse than what you startd with.

It is sometimes reffered to as an unstable Melasma meaning that the melanites will overreact or turn on themselves to protect us from ourselves.

This can be a real drag after spending $200 on a laser treatment that leaves you worse than when ou began.

Do your research.Talk to your laser tech. Ask Questions. Be Smart


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