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Cover -Up tattoo or tattoo removal

Cover up tattoo or tattoo removal? Over the past few years, tattoo artists in Las Vegas have  been recommending that people get laser tattoo removal. Why would an artist tell you this? Undergoing lightening before a cover up tattoo can be very helpful. Especially so when the design of the cover up has more detail and less color. The cover up will not COVER the old tattoo. Without tattoo removal, the original tattoo underneath wil easily overpower the new tattoo being put over it.

Why would an artist have you remove or lighten a tattoo first

Some clients are skeptical of why an artist might recommend laser tattoo removal prior to a cover up. So I decided to share an example of local tattooer Joe Greene from Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlour. He is having me lighten his tattoo so that he can get some very bad-ass work inked over it. But it has to be lightened first.

I also want to dispel the idea that tattoo removal is only for getting rid of a tattoo because it is terrible or no longer relevant. Maybe because you want a new and exciting design that just wasn’t an option a decade ago. Another reason could be to take out parts of an existing tattoo so that a themed sleeve can flow more naturally.Or to add more color or detail to an existing tattoo.

Why not just get a cover up tattoo

Undergoing tattoo lightening before getting a cover-up or touch-up can save you a lot of time and money. Almost always leaving you with a better cover up tattoo.

Read on to learn what the tattoo removal process looks like financially and hysically. Hopefully you will find the information and confidence needed to make the decision that’s right for you.

The journey of lightening a tattoo for a better cover up

Please continue to follow my blog for the second part of this blog. I will talk about the cost of lightening a tattoo for a better cover up vs the cost of complete removal.


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