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brown skin after laser exposure
Brown skin after laser exposure

Can you laser dark skin?

Can you laser dark skin? This is the big question. For all of you that have sun spots even though your skin is darker. Sometimes it’s not that easy for you. So metimes it is.

Darker skin tones can be tricky

No matter what color your skin. If you spend or have spent years in the sun you will probably get Sun Spots at some point. The tricky part is that they will react differently from skin tone to skin tone. Even though they are all Sun Spots caused by the same things.

Is it common

Actually surprisingly it does not happen as often as it could. I was very surprised the first time I saw it. My client  as you could expect was horrified. What surprised me the most was that we had been treating the red tattoo for over a year with great results. We never had any prior signs of browning, or hyperpigmentation. There were no red flags. There was no gradual darkening of the area around the tattoo. All their other tattoos never showed signs of hyperigmentation. There were no signs. Therefore no reason to stop treatments.

This makes it pretty tricky to see coming. Actually it makes it impossible to see coming. And after so many sessions? The ink is all but gone? Why now and not a year ago?

Great questions. Let’s find some answers

Research shows some ethnic skin types, especially Asian and darker clients are more likely to have these side effects. Skin higher in melanocytes are the most likely to hyperpigment. Meaning the skins cells cannot or do not differenciate between the sun outside and a lasers UV beam targeting red tattoo ink. Therefore getting undesireable results.Resulting in a  darkening of the already dark area. This is bad. The Melasma of the skin becomes unstable and reacts the same way to all forms of UV.

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