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Tattoo Removal Technician

Tattoo Removal Blues

For about ten years, tattoo removal has become more and more mainstream. It has gotten both more common and more affordable. But we still have to deal with Blue Tattoo removal blues. Removing blue tattoos can sometimes be painful in a totally different way.

Lasers have also come very far in the last 15 or so years. Diamond tip lasers that scar and burn are a thing of the past. Nasty bleaching products have been banned. Laser professionals can usually tell clients with some certainty that they can remove your tattoo 100%. Times are good if you’ve changed your mind.

Unless it has blues,teals and greens. When someone shows me one of these colors, I offer to do a test spot to seee if it reacts or not. There is no ambiguity. It either reacts or it does not.

Why are blues so hard to remove

The big laser manufacturing geniuses have yet to dial in some of the teal -like blue tattoo inks. As a laser technician that spends her days removing tattoos it is frustrating. It is frustrating not to know if ink will come out. Frustrating for the clients and technicians as well.. And of course, frustrating that a tattoo should tatke more sessions simply because it is Blue.

Removing ink in general

Removing all other colors is pretty straightfoward. I will explain in this blog. But for some reason, sometimes the blues do not react to the laser the same way all other colors do. Other times it is not a problem.

Our Immune Systems job

When we get a tattoo our bodies Immune and Lymphatic system send our white blood cells to the site. The bodies immune system wants to purge all foreign objects. That is it’s job. However, when the white blood cells get to the new ink they are surprised.When they try to gobble it up they are met with ink particles that are bigger than they are. This presents a big problem. They cannot process ink that is too big to absorb(gobble up).

After a time the immune system decides that it cannot get rid of the new ink and it stops trying. This is why our tattoos are permanent.

The Lasers job

Since the body has decided that the tattoo can stay. Your only option to remove it is laser treatments or sugical removal.Ouch!!!I would and have opt for Laser removal. It is safe when performed by a competent licencesed practiced practicioner.

The lasers role in the tattoo removal process is a simple one. It acts as a bomb made of (laser) light. Literally, it is like dropping a bomb on the structure of your tattoo and blowing it up. Now your tattoo has been blown up under the skin and your Immune and Lymphatic Systems just gat a warning that something is going on under the skin.

They send the white blood cells marching back to the site of your (now exploded) ink. This time they find ink particles that are small enough to gobble (absorb) up!

And the process begins

This is how a tattoo is absorbed and processed by our bodies own Immune and Lymphatic Systems.

The body will continue to gobble up the broken up ink until there is none left. The Laser breaks up enough ink for the body to process over a approximaate time span of 6 to 12 weeks.

The treatments are repeated every 8 weeks until the ink has been completely removed. This typically takes about a year and a half.

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