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The problem with Bad Tattoo Cover Ups

The problem with bad tattoo cover ups, Is that they happen everyday all the time.People get a tattoo that is not what they thought they wanted. Or the artist just sucked. Or maybe it’s a ten year old name and you haven’t seen her/him in 9 years.   Doesn’t matter why… You hate it.

Bad Cover ups are cheaper than laser removal, right?

That’s what you heard and a friend knows an artist that’s going to hook you up with a rocking new tattoo over the big lady bug on your foot.No problem you get an appointment right away(never a good sign) . Now you tell your new cover up artist that you would like  a hibiscus or maybe a plumeria..Yeah that would be lovely. This is where someone needs to yell STOP. Because the artist says Sure, no problem. And there is the groundwork for a cover up disaster.

Really Great artists will say no or tell you to lighten it

What you see here is the original black tattoo under a yellow,red and blue Phoenix cover up. First off you can not cover black ink with ANY other color but black. Tattoo artists know these things, unfortunately not this guy. So when you go to an artist to cover up your older non-sigificant or just ugly tat, It has to be both darker and larger in design. Otherwise you will see the old tattoo underneath. Like the picture below.

before lightening the muddy cover up

A cover up disaster

This is not what she was going for. Unfortunate when an artist is either unaware of their limitations or knows and is all about making a buck. We have done multiple laser treatments at Skin City Laser. The muddy center that was so unnecessary has finally started to fade and we can finally fix this cover up disaster.Cover work at Skin City Laser in a few more months.

And this is after a few sessions. Needs one more, but looking good.

Keep checking for the final pictures coming soon!

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